Skilr is an initiative by CTI Jabalpur to certify skills of the candidates using online assessment to evaluate and verify your skills in the professional job market. Skilr is a third-party attestation of an individual's level of knowledge or proficiency in a certain industry or profession. 

Skilr offers assessments in various disciplines and across wide spectrum for testing your knowledge base. We offer assessment in the most niche trade including health care, to Finance, IT, Big Data, Testing, Quality Management, Foreign Exchange, Foreign Trade, Logistics and Supply Chain Management and many more skills that require rigorous learning mechanism and has market acceptance.

The primary objective of Skilr assessment programme is to assure and ascertain that the person holding the certification is competent and proficient in the given domain.

Benefits of Skilr Assessment (CTI Kaushal)

  • Market relevance and applicability: The CTI Kaushal certification programme helps professionals to remain updated and make their knowledge more relevant and applicable. In the competititve environment, it is of utmost important to stay current and every industry is seeking competency upgrade. Kaushal Certification programme is one step towards skills updation and training, to promote prior learning to recognize the progress of the professionals as well as assist the recruiters and market in general to filter best minds.
  • Helps towards self-accomplishment: There is an established relationship between certification and on-the-job performance as it measures the skills and knowledge to perform a particular role. According to a study, certification not only increase confidence but also appears as self-accomplishment. Also, recruiters validate certification as a worthwhile career investment.
  • Setting up a Benchmark: With an increase in the competitive global employment platform, the CTI Kaushal certification programme allows individuals to distinguish themselves from others. For any recruiter be it in any field, CTI Kaushal certification assures that the applicant is trained to perform, is goal-oriented and committed to the profession as well as, possesses validated knowledge and skills. Moreover, having a certification not only sets up a level but also is considered a benchmark for performance.
  • Matching Industry Standards: CTI Kaushal Certifications are one of the keys to move up the ladder in industries seeking rapid progression. Thereby, helping recruiters to identify the professionals possessing the latest skills and knowledge to perform and move up the cadre toward leadership. Moreover, the certification helps in analyzing candidates in need of advanced training to upgrade.
  • Improved Earning Potential: CTI Kaushal certification programme not only aims to improve and upgrade your professional knowledge but also improve marketability, as well as the earning potential. As per statistics, many candidates holding CTI Kaushal certifications tend to be in a higher salary slab than those who do not.
  • Academic recognition: CTI Kaushal Certifications one of the finest ways to recognize the academic and inferential ability of the candidate. Companies place a high value on professional credentials and work experience. In the present scenario, certifications are also sponsored by companies, professional and volunteer associations, training suppliers, and government agencies to evaluate and assess the academic potential of the candidate.

Skilr Assessment (CTI Kaushal Certification) is an endeavor to offer candidates with the platform seeking value addition to their knowledge and opportunity to explore and plan for career advancement. Moreover, Skills Assessment programme acts a bridge between candidates and companies looking for expert professionals motivated to upgrade their performance in order to be current and market-ready.

Skilr Assessment

Skilr assessment is proof that an individual possesses the skill or knowledge required to earn certification is typically determined by a test or examination. Skilr assessment exams are created to distinguish candidates who demonstrate the required knowledge, skills and abilities from candidates who do not. 

Exam Format

Skilr offers an online, computer-based assessment test that is highly secure, reducing the chances of proxy testing. Skilr assessment is computer-based testing thereby there is immediate scoring leading to greater convenience and accessibility.