Certificate in Econometrics

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About Econometrics

By using statistical techniques on economic data, econometrics aims to provide economic connections with an empirical foundation. This quantifies economic phenomena using statistical inference, algebra, and economic theory. In other words, it transforms theoretical economic models into practical instruments for determining economic policy.

Why is Econometrics important?

Economists can translate economic ideas into quantitative indicators using econometrics. Econometrics is essential for identifying patterns in different datasets. Economists can also predict upcoming monetary or economic trends based on current tendencies. Additionally, it aids in extracting a certain pattern or outcome from jumbled data.

Who should take the Econometrics Exam?

  • Research Consultant
  • A principal or Managing Economist
  • Economist
  • Those who are studying Econometrics at university or college and would like some assistance understanding it. 

Econometrics Certification Course Outline

  1. Simple Linear Regression
  2. Intuition of Hypothesis Testing & OLS Formula
  3. Estimator Bias
  4. Causes of Bias
  5. Estimator Variance
  6. OLS Decomposition Derivation
  7. OLS Estimators are Unbiased 
  8. Gauss Markov Theorem & Assumptions 
  9. OLS Estimator Variance
  10. Matrix Notation
  11. Gauss-Markov Assumptions
  12. OLS is Unbiased
  13. OLS Estimator Variance
  14. The intuition of the Two Methods for Hypothesis Testing
  15. Notation
  16. RSS Method
  17. Wald Method
  18. Single Linear Restriction
  19. Variable Misspecification Introduction
  20. Variable Misspecification Matrix Notation
  21. Variable Misspecification: Exclusion of a Relevant Variable
  22. Variable Misspecifcation: Inclusion of an Irrelevant Variable
  23. Multicollinearity
  24. Heteroskedasticity

Exam Format and Information

Exam Name %name%
Certification Type Govt. Certification
Exam Duration 60 mins
Exam Format Multiple Choice Questions
Exam Type Professional Exam
Number of Questions 50 Questions
Eligibility/Pre-Requisite NIL
Exam Fee INR 1199
Exam Language English
Pass Score 50% and above

Certificate in Econometrics FAQs

The result will be declared immediately on submission.

It will be a computer-based exam. The exam can be taken from anywhere around the world.

You have to score 25/50 to pass the exam.

No there is no negative marking

There will be 50 questions of 1 mark each

You will be required to re-register and appear for the exam. There is no limit on exam retake.

You can directly go to the certification exam page and register for the exam.

You will get a Government certificate issued by CTI (Jabalpur) well recognized by organizations for the hiring and appraisal process.