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Certificate in Fashion Designining

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Fashion Design

About Fashion Design
Fashion design is the art of applying design, aesthetics, clothing construction,  and natural beauty to clothing and its accessories. It is influenced by cultural and social attitudes and has varied over time and place.

Modern fashion designing can be further divided into two broad categories: ready-to-wear and haute couture.
•    The haute couture collections are dedicated to a set of privileged customers and are custom sized so that they can fit only those customers.
•    In order for a place to qualify as a house that deals in haute couture, the designer needs to be a part of the Syndical Chamber of Haute Couture and must show a fresh collection two times a year by presenting at least thirty-five different kinds of outfits every time.
•    The ready-to-wear kind of collections are sized as per standard and are not custom made, so these are more suitable for larger production runs.

These are also divided into two separate categories: designer and confection collections. The designer collections tend to have a higher quality and a finer finish as well as a unique design. They very often are representatives of a certain kind of philosophy and are typically created for making a statement rather than just being put out for sale. Both haute-couture and ready-to-wear collections are put on presentation when international catwalks take place.

Why is Fashion Design important?
Fashion is a word, which is perceived by all individuals of the general public. India is a nation of different cultures and customs and has additionally acknowledged fashion in its own particular manner. Fashion designers endeavor to satisfy the desire surprisingly from different foundations. Following are a portion of the focuses that can feature on the fashion and its acknowledgment:

Fashion turns out to be imperative in the event that you are a working lady or man. Following the most recent blooms, fashion incline features your identity and gives tasteful looks. Along these lines, fashion is essential in our life. Consequently, many fashion designers endeavor to make new designs, which can pull in individuals and acknowledge them.

Who should take the Fashion Design Exam?
•    Design  professionals
•    Business owners or Entrepreneurs
•    Innovators
•    Anyone who wants to assess their fashion design skills
•    Merchandisers, fashion design managers, and senior executives
•    fashion designers
•    Professionals working in outsourced companies responsible for fashion design

Fashion Design Certification Course Outline

1. Textile Design Introduction
2. Design Principles and Elements
3. Color Theory
4. Fashion Designing
5. Stitching
6. Seam
7. Dart
8. Pleats
9. Tucks
10. Fasteners
11. Darning
12. Apparel Production

Practice Exam Details

  • TypeExam Format
  • No. of Questions30
  • AccessImmediate
  • Access DurationLife Long Access
  • Exam DeliveryOnline
  • Test ModesPractice, Exam

Certificate in Fashion Designining FAQs

You can directly go to the certification exam page and register for the exam.

You will be required to re-register and appear for the exam. There is no limit on exam retake.

There will be 50 questions of 1 mark each

No there is no negative marking

You have to score 25/50 to pass the exam.

The result will be declared immediately on submission.

It will be a computer-based exam. The exam can be taken from anywhere around the world.

You will get a Government certificate issued by CTI (Jabalpur) well recognized by organizations for the hiring and appraisal process.