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Certificate in Fashion Merchandising

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Fashion Merchandising

About Fashion Merchandising

In order to show a product to the correct market at the right moment, to execute planned, expert advertising, to use eye-catching displays, etc., is what is meant by fashion merchandising. Within the context of fashion retail, merchandising especially refers to the process of stock planning, administration, and control. The work of fashion merchandisers is carried out all over the world.

This role calls for highly developed quantitative abilities as well as a natural aptitude for seeing patterns, linkages, and connections among common sales and stock information. The visual merchandising team and the fashion merchandising team are two distinct merchandising teams in the fashion business.

Why is Fashion Merchandising important?

Fashion merchandising makes your store's retail area more organized and makes it easier for customers to locate what they're searching for, which enhances their shopping experience. Furthermore, professionally planned displays aid in improving client attraction, engagement, and education.

Who should take the Fashion Merchandising Exam?

  • Merchandising Manager
  • Assistant Retail Fashion Buyer
  • Corporate Retail Merchandiser
  • Retail Planner
  • Fashion Marketing Manager
  • Retail Store Manager

Fashion Merchandising Certification Course Outline

  1. Introduction to Fashion Merchandising
  2. Textiles and Color Theory
  3. History of Fashion and Costume
  4. Merchandise Planning 
  5. Sustainability in Fashion
  6. Merchandise Management Strategies 
  7. Fashion Research and Forecasting 
  8. Strategic Fashion Management
  9. Supply Chain Management 
  10. Global Sourcing and Apparel
  11. International Retailing 
  12. Global Consumer Culture
  13. Retail Sales Promotion 
  14. Visual Merchandising
  15. Consumer Behavior 
  16. Principles of Retailing
  17. Technology in Fashion and Retailing
  18. Retail Management 

Practice Exam Details

  • TypeExam Format
  • No. of Questions30
  • AccessImmediate
  • Access DurationLife Long Access
  • Exam DeliveryOnline
  • Test ModesPractice, Exam

Certificate in Fashion Merchandising FAQs

The result will be declared immediately on submission.

It will be a computer-based exam. The exam can be taken from anywhere around the world.

You have to score 25/50 to pass the exam.

No there is no negative marking

There will be 50 questions of 1 mark each

You will be required to re-register and appear for the exam. There is no limit on exam retake.

You can directly go to the certification exam page and register for the exam.

You will get a Government certificate issued by CTI (Jabalpur) well recognized by organizations for the hiring and appraisal process.