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Certificate in Front End Design

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Front End Design

About Front End Design
The website’s front end is everything you see and can interact with using a browser. So, creating this visual part is called front-end development. You could even say that designers creating user interfaces and planning experiences are also front-end developers, as they are working in collaboration on the same part of the project.

Front-end web development is the practice of converting data to a graphical interface, through the use of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, so that users can view and interact with that data.

Why is Front End Design important?

Front End Development is important as it
•    Successful Branding - Effective websites tie in with business logos, products, designs, and all other aspects with powerful, well-planned branding. Front-end development is crucial in conveying this branding to customers.
•    Drive Performance - Slow web pages and applications frustrate visitors, optimized performance is one of the business benefits of front-end development.
•    Aligning Business Intent - The website must reflect the real purpose of the business. The design and graphics should not confuse customers.
•    Optimize Navigation - Intuitive navigation ensures that the visitors find what they seek from your site.
•    Visitor Retention - Well-designed interfaces instill trust and confidence in the brand and help achieve communication goals leading to higher traffic and conversion.

Who should take the Front End Design Exam?
•    Web Designers or developers
•    Programmers
•    IT professionals
•    Anyone who wants to assess their front-end design skills
•    Front end design managers and senior executives
•    front end design consultants
•    Professionals working in outsourced companies responsible for front end design
•    Anyone interested in front end design
•    Design or IT or web development Students

Front End Design Certification Course Outline
1. Design Principles and Elements
2. Color Theory
4. CSS
5. JavaScript

Practice Exam Details

  • TypeExam Format
  • No. of Questions30
  • AccessImmediate
  • Access DurationLife Long Access
  • Exam DeliveryOnline
  • Test ModesPractice, Exam

Certificate in Front End Design FAQs

You can directly go to the certification exam page and register for the exam.

You will be required to re-register and appear for the exam. There is no limit on exam retake.

There will be 50 questions of 1 mark each

No there is no negative marking

You have to score 25/50 to pass the exam.

The result will be declared immediately on submission.

It will be a computer-based exam. The exam can be taken from anywhere around the world.

You will get a Government certificate issued by CTI (Jabalpur) well recognized by organizations for the hiring and appraisal process.